About Us

Worksite Resources was founded in 1999 by Stephen J. Worgan with the idea that rarely do core benefit programs (major medical, company paid disability, etc.) and worksite programs (voluntary life, disability, etc.) work in conjunction with each other. In fact, in most cases, these plans are in direct conflict with each other. It is our belief that when offered correctly, these plans should and will complement one another. Worksite Resources provides expertise in creating a benefit strategy including, but not limited to: implementation, a full range of products, creative benefit designing, enrollment services, and professional levels of service.

Incorporating strategies that assure our clients are taking advantage of existing benefit cost containment programs in addition to reducing the total outlay of worksite programs have proven to be extremely effective. These strategies and a "service driven" approach are vital components of Worksite Resource's success.


Stephen J. Worgan - President

Stephen J. Worgan previously worked for the 6th largest broker firm in the country and realized first hand that clients could get ignored or made to feel as if they weren't important, essentially, clients were often a small fish in a big pond. As a result, Worksite Resources was created with the belief that clients should be treated as if they are the big fish in a small pond.

Stephen is a licensed broker in North Carolina. He is an independent broker and not affiliated with any insurance company, third party administrative agency or provider network. He has been in the insurance industry over 30 years.

Kim Domingue - Assistant to the President/Customer Service Specialist

Kim Domingue is our customer service specialist along with being the personal assistant to the president. She has over 19 years in the customer service industry along with over 5 years in the insurance industry. Kim is very hands on in dealing with clients, assisting with claims, answering billing questions, and handling enrollments. Customer service is a top priority.

Matthew Worgan - Life Insurance and Benefits Specialist

Matthew Worgan is our newest and youngest member of the Worksite Resources team. Matthew is enlisted in the Georgia National Guard and plans to grow with future clients in his young career. Matt is a licensed broker in the state of North Carolina and like Stephen is not affiliated with any insurance company. He is very excited to finally be apart of the family business.