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New Streamlined Webform for Changing Additional Insured

We're excited to introduce our new web form for making changes to your additional insured. Any Health Departments who would prefer to submit a new spreadsheet with your updated changes can do so below.

Who is considered an additional insured?

All professional personnel currently covered under this program i.e. MD's, DDS's, FNP's, CNM's, PA's, LCSW, LPC, LPA, and any other Mental Health Professionals by location. Please be sure to include contractors if covered under this policy. RN's, LPN's, Lab personnel, etc. are automatically covered and are not required to be listed.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Office: (980)-262-2116

Thank you for your cooperation!

Additional Insured Changes

*Fill out the form below or upload spreadsheet with your updated additional insured*

Upload File

*If you are making more than 10 changes to your additional insured please fill out and upload your spreadsheet or email our office*

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