Here's what our clients are saying about us

We began our relationship with Worksite Resources in 2001 when we began offering our employees life, cancer, accident, and disability insurance.  When Steve and his associates came out here to meet with interested employees, I was amazed at how much time they spent with in educating the employees about the different coverage levels and benefits. They showed interest in each employee's individual situations, but at no time did they ever pressure the employees or attempt to oversell their product. In the almost 20 years that I have worked with Steve and his associates, I have been very impressed with their customer service as well. A phone call is returned very quickly (whether it be from me or one of our employees), and no question or problem is too small for them to assist us with. They have been very generous with their time for our employees and, for that, I give them the highest praise. I am also impressed with the products they provide. The cost is very affordable to the employees and the benefits offered seem to cover the employees' needs.

~Rebecca H. Ballard Human Resources Manager, The Bluff, Arrowhead Cove, Pigeon Valley, Silver Bluff

Our company had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Worgan with Worksite resources about eight months ago where I purchased a cancer policy along with a short term disability policy. Little did I know that six months after that I would be diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and would need to undergo two surgeries and radiation treatment. not only did Steve and his team help to file the paperwork timely for the cancer policy, he took it upon himself to go the extra mile and file the disability policy for me and I started receiving monies before I received the hospital statement to pay the co-payments for the surgeries. I can't tell you the relief that I felt knowing I had the monies to pay all the medical bills with a little left over to face additional expenses. I don't know what I or my family would have done without these policies to financially fill in the many gaps any surgery can leave. If you have any questions about Stephen or his team and the quality of their service please feel free to call me.

~Jackie Cavanagh Administrator, Tarboro Nursing Center

In August 2003, we implemented a voluntary employee benefits program for supplemental life, cancer, and disability insurance coverage. Our employee population had requested this coverage and we secured an agent through our insurance broker. Our employees welcomed the additional coverage and we had strong participation in the plans. Unfortunately we did not experience a satisfactory level of service from our agent. We requested that our broker provide us another agent to service our business or we would secure it from another source. Our broker subsequently recommended that Steve Worgan and Worksite Resources, LLC serve as our agent for the voluntary benefits. We met with Steve and were immediately impressed by his experience with employee groups similar to ours and his commitment to quality service. Steve has demonstrated a tenacious ability to solve administrative or benefit problems both for employer and for employees. He has also consistently gotten back to employees in a timely manner with answers and solutions to their benefit issues. In employee informational meetings, Steve has been very informative and employees find him to be a very credible resource. He has been very forthright in explaining the benefit plans to employees and has not been forceful in getting employees to sign up for the coverages. Either Steve or his associates respond in a timely manner to all issues from us or from our employees. Overall, I have found Steve Worgan and Worksite Resources, LLC to be a valuable asset in providing voluntary benefits for our employees. I highly recommend him as an alternative you should strongly consider for your own benefit package.

~James M. Barger Human Resource Manager, The Cypress Club

Worksite Resources, Steve and Kim are amazing!!! The organization I work for uses WR for many of our supplemental benefits. When I call for assistance Kim answers the phone with, "This is Kim. How can I help?" and she honestly means that !!! She always finds an answer or a solution and follows back up with me in such a timely manner.

Steve is not your typical insurance (or any type) of salesman. He meets with our employees, finds out each individual story and situation and advises them on what their best option or product would be. Sometimes, although not often, their best option is not his product and he tells the employee that. I feel like this shows that he honestly has his customer's best interest at heart.

I have worked with Kim and Steve through my employer with their group policies but I have also worked with them on an individual policy. They could not have been more helpful, caring or understanding.

Worksite Resources has become a valuable tool I use while at work. Over the years Kim and Steve have become valuable friends as well.

~Suzanne Ott Human Resources Director, Albemarle Regional Health Services